Is It Good Idea To Do Freelancing & Quite Job

job vs freelancing which is good

Are you confused about what to do? are you also want to do freelancing but fearing to quit your full-time job, then this article is going to be very helpful for you.

In this article, I’m going to discuss job vs freelancing. can you survive on freelance money or do you have to do freelancing side by side with your full-time job?

But wait, why I’m telling you this, and why do you have to listen to my advice? well, I’m in the freelancing or online industry since 2019 and making living on the internet. I have also done both of these, a full-time job and full-time freelancing. so, I think I’m the right person for you to suggest a proper solution on the job vs freelancing

Job vs Freelancing

See both have their pros and cons, both are good as well as bad. but as i experienced personally both of them on a full-time basis, so i can share the exact thing with you.

First let’s see what the internet is saying about a job and freelancing.

What is a Job?

According to Wikipedia

A job is any legal activity that allows an individual to perform a service and in return earn credits she/he can use to buy things. A job can mean “some work that has to be done”, for example: there are jobs to be done in the house: washing up, mending things that are broken, etc.

So if you do a full-time job then you have to work several hours per week or month. in my experience, when I’m working on a full-time basis with Flipkart then I have to work 8 hours for them. after the month they gave me a salary in return.

Now I’m sharing the pros and cons of doing a full time job.

Pros of doing a full time job

Doing a full-time job have many good sides, and these good sides are.

  • You will have a monthly flow of money as a salary.
  • You only have to work on the work hours.
  • Most probably you will have a manager in your workplace to tell you what to do. so that you can only focus on the work.
  • If you got a full-time government job then you will have job security.

Cons of doing a full time job

With many good sides, there will be also some bad sides present of doing a full time, and these are.

  • You don’t get a full freedom working for someone else.
  • Your employee will use your knowledge, time, and work to generate more money for their business. after all your effort they just give you a little part of that money as a form of salary.
  • A full-time job can not give you the perfect work-life balance after some time you will get frustrated.
  • You can not make a lot of money by doing a full-time job if you didn’t have any proper skills.

Now let’s have a quick look at what the internet is saying about freelancing.

What is Freelancing?

According to Investopedia

A freelancer is an individual who earns money on a per-job or per-task basis, usually for short-term work as an independent contractor.

So if you do freelancing then you are not working as an employee with the company but as an independent contractor. see freelancing is not the thing that many people imagine. they think in freelancing you just have to do two or three hours of work and then you will get a ton of money at the end of the month. that is not how freelancing works. see in a full-time job you have your manager who is always telling you what to do. but in freelancing, you have to find out what to do, and that is the main thing many people can’t do.

As I told you earlier that both of them “full-time job & freelancing” have their pros and cons. so, now let me tell you the pros and cons of freelancing.

Pros of doing freelancing

There are survival pros or benefits of doing freelancing and these benefits are.

  • You will have the freedom of your work.
  • There are no limits on how much you can earn per month. Yes you read that right you can make from $100 to $10,000 per month or even more if you have that skill.
  • Freelancing can enable you to work with multiple people around the world.
  • Working as a freelancer can give the freedom of location, means you can work from any where with clients all over the world.

Cons of doing freelancing

With multiple good benefits freelancing also have some cons, and these are.

  • There is no fix income per month.
  • Some people do not find work-life balance in freelancing because you have to hustle 24*7 to get new clients.
  • You have to upgrade your skills set in order to compete in the market.
  • You have to work in isolation and sometimes this can create stress in your mind.


If we look closely then we can find that job and freelancing both have their own good side and bad sides. it depends on you what you want. if you want to work independently then choose to freelance and if you want to get a consistent flow of money every month as a salary then work on a full-time job.

I hope you get the answer. if you find this article helpful then share this with your friends and follow me on social media.

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