Which Niche Is Good For Your YouTube Channel

How to select a good niche for a youtube channel.

Do you want to know which is the best niche for a youtube channel? do you want to know how to select a good niche for your youtube videos? then you are in the right place.

In today’s article, I’m going to share with you how to select a good niche to start a youtube channel.

Starting a new youtube channel is easy but at the same time, it is also difficult. starting a new channel is difficult for those people who are new to this field.

There are different steps you have to follow before starting a youtube channel. this includes selecting a good niche for your channel.

In this article I’m going to help you on “how to find a good niche for your youtube channel”

But, before we begin let me introduce myself. hi, I’m Sukhendu, a content creator. i create content in video and article formats to share my knowledge on the internet. i am also a youtube marketer. i help people & business grow online on youtube through my strategies.

Selecting a niche can be a complex task, you have to research a lot before selecting the perfect topic for your youtube channel. there are multiple ways you can use to choose the right niche or topic that best fits to your channel.

Now let’s see what are the steps that you can also use to get the right topic or niche for your channel.

Steps Of Getting The Right Niche

  • First, know what are the thing that excites you most (for example lets assume it is technology)
  • Second, find out the main topic of the thing that excites you most (for example in technology you love talking about smartphone)
  • Third, now find out a small topic of that main topic (for example in this case you love talking about apple smartphones)
  • Fourth, now do a little research about the online search volume of that topic. for example we are taking apple smartphones.
  • Fifth, get all the details of that topic (e.g. Apple Smartphone), like search trends, CPC, related topics, competition, and many more thing.
  • Sixth, after researching, if you see the competition is high, then you can also find a different but related topic of apple smartphones. like apple smartphone chargers or Xiaomi smartphones etc.
  • Seventh, and after all the research work, now you have your ideal niche for your youtube channel

You must remember one thing when searching for a niche or topic for your youtube channel. do not choose a niche because it has a lot of search volume or the niche gives you high CPM (cost per mile). because if you choose you channel niche based on this type of metrics (e.g. CPM, CPC, Search volume) then you can not make big on youtube.

In the beginning, you can find some topics to make videos but after some time, it will get worse. slowly you will find it boring and then you will probably end up having no video ideas.

So, it is ok to choose a niche that excites you most and gives you more curiosity to create videos every day. whatever that topic has low CPM (cost per mile) or low search volume, at the end it doesn’t matter. let me tell you why?

What Is A Perfect Niche For Me?

See there was no such perfect niche for you. you have to find, what topic works for you and what does not. before finding your niche for your youtube channel, you have to find what is your interest.

As I already told you, find a topic that you are interested in, only then you could create great videos on that topic.

A Little Example On Selecting A Topic For A Youtube Channel

Ok, let’s get an example and try to understand it with this example. suppose Alex is a first-year college boy who has an interest in dance. but also he wants to create videos on youtube. so, he started asking his friends which topic he should open the channel.

One of its friends replied that he should open a channel in finance topic, because it gives more CPC, and more CPM means more money.

Another friend tells him, he should start a channel in GTA-V gaming because it has a high search volume. high search volume means high views in videos.

But after some time Alex failed to grow his channel’s in both of the topic that his friends told him. why?

Remember in the beginning i told you that Alex have interest in dance.

So, if Alex started the channel in dance category or if he choose his channel niche as dance then tell me what will happened? what do you think? is Alex will grew the channel or not?

The simple and clear answer is yes. if he choose dance as his channel niche the there are 90% chance that he could grown his channel through his videos.

The reason? because he has an interest in dance, he can never get out of video ideas or feel bored with making videos on dancing.

So, this is the thing I wanted to tell you, do not choose a topic for your channel as a niche because of the good metrics the topic has. instated choose a topic that you are interested in & you will never look back, it’s my promise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a niche?

A niche is a term that is used on the internet to refer to a specific topic. for example in technology smartphone is a niche, or car is a niche. similarly in smartphone niche, smartphone charger is a micro niche.

How to select a niche for a youtube channel?

First of all find a topic that you are interested in, then see if the search volume or competition is good then choose that topic as your channel niche.

Conclusion –

If you are randomly choosing any topic as the channel niche, then just think can you make non stop 100 videos on that topic. if the answer is yes the go for it & if the answer is not then again do research more.

finally that’s it for today, if you like the article share this with your friends. if you want to contact me then visit our contact us page.

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